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Taking on 2020!

Wow, 2020 has hit us like a ton of bricks, but it’s nice to see our industry adapting as we can. We’ve been continuing our weekly acting workshop via Zoom meetings, and my writing group has been meeting that way as well. I’ve noticed a ton of casting director and agent Q&A’s being made available, so that’s really been a fantastic opportunity to see and get in touch with industry professionals we might not otherwise meet, being in different parts of the country. Hope everyone is holding up well!

I notice a lot of people are turning to creative projects during this downtime, and while I’ve still been working my day job from home, I’ve felt that surge of creative energy too, so I’ve put together some videos for my YouTube channel and hope to keep making more. I’ve also been doing some self-tapes for casting director open calls (another great opportunity that has come of all this!), and I ordered myself a microphone and ring light to help improve the quality of my tapes.

So, hopefully, despite the challenges and new ground we are treading, we’ll be able to stay strong and come out of this ready to go! Stay safe, everyone!

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