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New Year Update

Well, I just had my first audition of the year, so I'm glad I got to start things off on the right foot! Things were kind of slow for me last year, but I did get the chance to do a number of workshops, including my first experience with the Chubbuck technique with the amazing Rebekah Wiggins.

Looking back at my goals over the years, I've noticed a lot have been the same ones that I've struggled to bring to fruition. I'm realizing that it's not enough to just set those goals and hope I somehow end up doing them. I need to put a plan in place to meet specific goals in specific time periods. Otherwise, I've noticed, I just let things fall by the wayside. So, I'm committing to doing something different this year rather than falling back into familiar habits and patterns. Hopefully that will be the push I need to actually get things done.

One thing I want to accomplish this year (and hopefully in the coming weeks) is to film a short I have planned. I decided to start with something simpler than my goal last year of filming "Porcelain Girl." With this under my belt, I should gain experience and confidence to take on more involved projects. So, let's make it happen and take advantage of this time we've got!

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