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One Man's Deeds

Short speculative fiction

Part of the third edition of the anthology Crash Philosophy, featuring the character of a human baby in an alternate future.  Jakob attempts to do what he must to change the course of history.  Available on Amazon at

Crash Philosophy.jpg
Save a Penny for the Ferryman

Short play

Achrematius finds himself stuck in the Underworld without any coins to pay Charon to take him across the river Acheron. Instead, he must plot his way into the afterlife. Published in the Metrosphere literary magazine and performed onstage as a full production and staged reading.

Holy Martyr

Short play

In the aftermath of a school shooting, Jessica tries to understand and come to terms with her friend's actions. Performed as part of One Night Stand Theater's staged readings.



I'm currently working on my first novel, The Maverick, a dark fantasy tale detailing the life of Sathiel Adrieli, a young thief and killer.  When he makes the mistake of killing the son of a noble, he is executed for his crimes and resurrected by a dark mage who forces him under his will.

Some of my other works include:

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