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Kether's Workshop

We had a wonderful workshop with Kether Axelrod on the 19th and 20th. Kether offers such a great perspective and helped us to bring out our inner artist, who we truly are. It was great being able to connect with others who have experienced similar things over the course of their lives as well. And it's amazing how much we truly are in sync with others and the world around us.

Some words people would use to describe me (both positive and negative):

- credible/honest

- thoughtful

- repressed

- hidden strength

- tactile/creative

- evocative

- self-dismissive

I think I'd like to take what I've learned and work on bringing out my true self in all that I do, just being, and not being afraid of showing that. It's something I've been working on, but I think this workshop has helped to reaffirm that it's something that's necessary and what the world wants to see.

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